How To Find And Download To Datasets Which Are Provided For Improving Mobility And Driving Safety ?

Several states DOTs make data on crashes and other data sets available via Web interfaces for security stakeholders. Users outside of State DOTs should have access to crash data in order to develop their own safety-related programs. In the U.S., the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the entity that aggregates the crash data.… En savoir plus

How To Practice Green-It ?

The sustainable choice of technologies and how you use them and most importantly, the environment can benefit your business. You don’t need to revolutionize your business to take steps towards sustainability.
There are many ways your small business can make a difference. Sustainable use means optimizing the tools and products used to minimize energy consumption.… En savoir plus

How To Build A Website Without Carbon emission ?

By some estimates, the carbon footprint of our gadgets, the Internet and systems that support them account for about 3.7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This is similar to the amount produced by the aviation industry in the world, says Mike Hazas, a researcher at Lancaster University. With millions of searches per minute and trillions of different annual searches, that adds a lot of energy.… En savoir plus

How to improve your SEO ?

If the link is of poor quality or contains spam, search engines can ignore most links. Links from new sites are more valuable than duplicate links from existing sites. Links from other websites are more valuable than a bunch of links from your website (from one page to another). The links on your page can be internal links to other pages on your website or external links to the content of other websites.… En savoir plus